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Custom Mascots Costumes

With over 26 years of experience in creating custom mascot costumes, Loonie Times is one of the most in-demand mascot companies in North America. We specialize in various types of professional mascot services ranging from school mascots sports team mascots, business, corporate brand, and small business custom mascots design and creation.

Most Popular Types Of Custom Mascots Costumes

Have a look at the most popular mascot types to determine what’s the best fit for your brand.

Corporate Mascots

School Mascots

Non-profit Mascots

Since 1996 we’ve created over 4000 corporate, school, sports teams, small business, and non-profit custom mascot costumes. Check out our galleries.

Sports Team Mascots

Small Business Mascots

Custom Plush

Corporate Mascots

School Mascots

Non-profit Mascots

Sports Team Mascots

Small Business Mascots

Custom Plush

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Your Questions Answered

Your most important questions are answered in our FAQ section. Everything you’ll ever need to know about your custom mascot design in one place + we’re here for you on live chat as well.

Frequently asked questions

Popular mascot questions from clients


1: What is the process of ordering a mascot?

  1. First, fill out our online survey here so we can fully understand your needs
  2. Next, our talented design studio will prepare an illustration with human proportions ensuring that all design goals are met
  3. You approve/suggest changes to illustration for your custom mascot
  4. A detailed quote is prepared outlining the cost for your special custom mascot costume
  5. Upon approval of the quote, we send you the deposit invoice – 50% of the cost
  6. Once deposit is received, our team of artists start to construct the mascot costume. Fabric sample pictures are sent to you for approval
  7. Throughout the process, you stay involved with your custom mascot production process with pictures and updates. To insure your complete satisfaction
  8. When the custom mascot costume is completed, it is fitted for a glamorous photo shoot, packed into a custom carrying bag and shipped.
  9. The final step is the most exciting, you get to finally meet your new friend and have fun using the mascot in unique ways to drum up excitement and goodwill from your brand or school!

2: How are the mascots made and what materials do you use?

All our costumes are made with premium materials to ensure that your custom mascot lives on for as long as possible. Included with your character illustration, we provide samples of all the fabrics that we will use so you can see and feel for yourself.

The head and feet are made from Polyurethane, an ultra-light foam that ensures durability For complete performer comfort, an adjustable helmet and an exhaust fan are included and fitted in each head. These features insure control of the head so it doesn’t wobble and the exhaust fan keeps the hot, spent air out.

The mascot is covered with high quality materials like faux fur, fleece or flexible polyester. All pieces are attached with industrial stitching so your mascot can handle an array of physical manoeuvres.

Depending on your character, an inner body will be created using a breathable 20 PPI LP foam to give your character their unique shape. There is a lot of magic put into each mascot costume and when it’s finished, you won’t believe your eyes!

3: How comfortable are our mascot costumes to wear for long periods of time?

We focus on building comfort into the design of each costume and tailor it to the performer or group who will play the important role. A built-in fan pulls fresh, cooler air in through the vision ports, which then sweeps across the performer’s face to cool and calm them. The fan then blows that hot air out the top of the head to significantly improve ventilation.

The head is made from durable, sculpted lightweight foam. An adjustable helmet is installed that can be adjusted for a proper fit. We even offer a cooling scarf and cooling vest to help cool the performer’s body. After each creation, the mascot goes through the fitting process where the vision and flexibility are tested. With all the thought and concern we put into our mascots with the performer in mind, all they’ll need to focus on, is entertaining the crowd.



1: What's your minimum order?

The minimum quantity to order is 3,000 pieces with price breaks beginning at quantities of 20,000+. We are also able to do TRIAL quantities of a minimum of 1,200 if larger orders are followed up after the TRIAL run.

2: How long does the entire process take?

On average the turnaround time is approx. 3 months to complete the entire production and finally delivery after approval of sample. Each step in the process is carefully monitored to ensure the highest level of detail and quality is met. It is important to us that you are kept in the loop during the process and that every major step, such as artwork, quote and prototype, is approved before going to production

3: Are your custom plush toys safe?

Toy safety is at the absolute top of our list here at Loonie Times! As a leading custom mascot and plush toy manufacturer for over 22 years we have been able to source out the most reputable factories to build strong working relationships with. We go every step of the way to ensure that our custom plush toys are safe for children, adults … pets, it happens… of all ages. Strict quality control ensures that no hazardous parts, paints or glues are used in the production of our plushies. We also ensure that all sewing is tight, and all accessories are fastened securely so not to pose a choking hazard. Loonie Times adheres to all Canadian and USA Toy Regulations for Dolls, Plush Toys and Soft Toys. We make sure your custom plush toys meet all toy safety standards including CCPSA (Canada) and CPSIA (USA). Upon completion of your custom plushies, each toy is passed through a metal detector before packaging and delivering it to your door.

Mascot Tips

With proper care, your custom mascot could last between 5 to 7 years. That’s a fantastic return on investment for any company. Our info below will help you ensure your mascot’s durability.

Mascot Tips

Get the most out of your mascot

TIP 1: Why do I need to get my mascots cleaned?

By having your custom mascot regularly cleaned after events you can prolong its lifespan and keep it looking great for years to come. Having your mascot cleaned after an event allows for small damages to be found and taken care of before turning into major problems. Too much moisture in your costume can lead to mold and odor buildup, which maybe be irreversible or require major repairs/replacement.


1: How do I keep synthetic fur, fleece and spandex from getting damaged?

The very best way for you to keep the material your mascot is made of is to have it cleaned properly, be patient and never take short-cuts. It can be easy to send your mascot to a dry-cleaner or throw components of it in the dryer if they are damp but, this WILL ruin certain materials and the damage maybe irreversible. Synthetic fur is essentially plastic and will melt when it comes into contact with high heat or harsh chemicals. Likewise, the fibres in spandex (elastic) can melt and break in high heat leaving it saggy and brittle. By following our recommended washing instructions (Gentle cycle, cold water, mild detergent) and allowing your mascot to hang dry over night you can preserve the materials. When your mascot has had time to dry lightly brush any fleece or fur areas using a pet brush or a stiff scrub brush. Be sure to be extremely careful not brush too hard or you can create bald spots!


1: How can I store my mascot?

After each event, it is important to let the mascot air out. When airing out the costume it should be hung in a warm, dry and secure area overnight. The head should also be wiped with a disinfectant wipe and left out to air and the shoes should have their insoles removed. Once your mascot is dry of all dampness it can be carefully folded and placed back in its storage bag. When repacking your mascot remember to place all protective facial masks for eyes and screens back on your mascot and double check the checklist to ensure you have all articles. Ship back your mascot to us for a spa treatment

BIG Brand Education

We have extensive knowledge and experience with big brand mascots and provide valuable custom mascot design, creation, maintenance, and marketing tips to our clients.

How the BIG brands do it

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Custom Mascot Testimonials

From BIG brand corporate mascots, colleges, high schools, universities, sports teams, small businesses, non-profits, we’ve done mascots of all descriptions and received raving reviews. Here’s what our clients have to say. 

“We were rendered SPEECHLESS”

Ms. Mia DiRienzo | Drama Club Director | Lowellville High School

“Really appreciate you turning these around so quickly!”

Rachel | BIG 10- Network

“The kids LOVE him!!!”

Paula Antonio-Boone | Owner and Manager | Cool Jump